1. Organizer
    China Health Promotion Foundation & Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology
  2. Medical Support
    Peking Union Medical College Hospital
    Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
    Chinese PLA General Hospital
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    Meridian Medical Network Corp

An Inspiring Medical Research Project

The prevalence and morbidity of thyroid diseases in China have risen sharply in the past ten years. The increasing prevalence, morbidity and change in distribution of thyroid nodule problem and thyroid cancer have become a big public health concern. As a pioneer in China, the Department of Ultrasonic in Peking Union Medical College Hospital used our system to launch a research project of “Risk Assessment of Thyroid Nodules by Ultrasound Screening & Dynamic Follow-up of Different Malignant Risk Groups”, aiming to fill the knowledge gap in this research area and establish the thyroid nodule risk assessment mode for Chinese population for the first time.

Sponsor: China Health Promotion Foundation. Technical support & technical platform: Medical IoT Special Fund
Physical Examination Centers are welcome to use our system to join this research project and share research results

Validation by Top Experts

In September 2016, The Thyroid Nodules Screening & Risk Assessment System passed validation by experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and Chinese PLA General Hospital as “scientific, feasible and authoritative which can be implemented."

Personalized Assessments & Follow-up Examination Recommendations
Intelligent Application of ATA2015 Guideline

Based on the ATA2015 guideline, The Thyroid Nodules Screening & Risk Assessment System takes results of ultrasound and questionnaires to evaluate thyroid nodules using big data analysis technology, providing personalized assessment and follow-up examination recommendations for patients at different risk levels. TI-RADS grade is also provided.

Normative & Structured Templates for Medical Ultrasound

For physicians' convenience, we provide structured templates for medical ultrasound results so that physical examination centers can collect thyroid ultrasound data and establish structured database, which enables analysis and data mining.

Early Intervention & Treatment
Hospital Follow-up Services for High-risk Groups

Patients can stay in contact with physicians through smartphone apps, which periodically push notifications about thyroid health information. By using customer service function which implanted in app, community specialist physicians would able to give health management suggestions and professional guidance.

20 Hours Professional Training by Experts
Online & Offline Continuing Education Platform

Twenty hours free professional training was provided for for medical examination physicians during this project, and all lecturers were experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, to improve physicians' skills and accuracy of ultrasonic descriptions. The continuing education platform and online lectures enables further communication with experts.

A New Model to Add-value to Physical Examination Services

By integrating the Thyroid Nodules Screening & Risk Assessment System, more physical examination centers are able to provide thyroid module assessment and follow-up examination services in addition to routine thyroid examinations (thyroid ultrasound, thyroid function test, etc.).