Web-based Platform for Doctors + APP for Patients
Communication and Service with High Efficiency

For different needs and application scenarios of doctors and patients, we developed web-based working platform for doctors, which could seamlessly embedded in the daily work flow; for patients, we developed mobile APP, which is the most convenient way for patients to use the service anytime and anywhere as well as ensure interoperability.

Online Health Records
360 Full Coverage of Personal Health Information

Create standardized personal health information/comprehensive health information records, including basic information, treatment/physical examination, monitoring record, health assessment, health intervention, follow-up records, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) constitution and etc.

TCM Constitution
Take Advantages of Both TCM and Western Medicine

Based on user's questionnaire response, the system analyzes his/her TCM constitutions and health risk.

Chronic Disease Risk Assessment
Comprehensive Health Status for Customers

Based on customers' health records (physical examination results, disease history, family disease history, life style and living environment, etc.), the system analyzes and assesses chronic disease risk for customers.

Health Intervention Plan
Intelligent Health Guidance

Provide personalized health guidance from the five main aspects including diet, exercise, sleeping, physical examination and health monitoring. Comprehensive risk analysis and scientific guidance for personal health management to prevent disease and improve health.

Whole Process Follow-up
Targeted and High Efficiency

Trace customers' health plan compliance through APP and enable timely communication with doctor. Analyze health intervention plan results (including compliance and improvement of targeted indicators) and periodically provide health assessment.

Chronic Disease AI Engine Modules
Integrated Chronic Disease Management Platform

A systematic platform for the hospital's physical examination center to provide chronic disease management services. The system integrates hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other common chronic disease analysis AI engines. We develop modules which are easy to integrate with third-party products and systems to create open and extensible chronic disease management service platforms.

Intelligent Wearable Devices
Data Support for Precise Medical Service

The system couples with corresponding devices/wearable equipment to remotely monitor patients' vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and their dynamic changes, and assists doctors with patients' rehabilitation and health management. The system also provides data support for personal health guidance.