Awaken Data Value with Powerful Modeling Capabilities

Based on our large standard database, Meridian selects optimal data mining algorithm to build predictive model and deeply explore value. Our modeling involves top medical experts in the field, and advances continuously by machine learning to optimize prediction and guide practice.

Make Correlation Analysis Easier

The modular platform architecture design provides convenience and help for users to analyze data. More correlations that were difficult to find previously have surfaced on our platform.

Double Encryption Transcoding
De-identification Mechanism for Privacy Protection

Meridian attaches great importance to privacy protection. We de-identify personal data in the whole process from data collection, transportation, storage, to data process, access and back-up. We encrypt sensitive information using “MD5+AES”. When data are uploaded to the analysis platform, the transcoded information is used for identification to control information breach.

China Health Promotion Foundation - Medical IoT Special Funds
Multicenter Studies of Physical Examination and Health Management Big Data

In September 2015, the“Special Fund for the Development of Medical Internet of Things” of China Health Promotion Foundation officially launched the “Multi-Center Research Project on the Establishment and Application of Big Data for Physical Examination and Health Management”, aiming to establish standardized “Physical Examination Big Data”. Meridian participated in the project as the exclusive technical partner. Our big data platform and health management platform are deployed in more than 200 national health management demonstration bases (hospital physical examination centers) to conduct research and provide services

Meridian is the Deputy Director and Secretary General Agency of the Medical IoT Special Fund in China Health Promotion Foundation, providing technical platform and support.

Deploy Big Data Platform and Intelligent System based on Clinical Pathways
Promote Healthcare Service Industry