Unified Management of National Basic Strategic Resources

Healthcare big data has officially risen as national basic strategic resources. A unified healthcare data sharing mechanism must reply on the effective establishment of a regional-level standardized big data platform. Meridian provides advanced solutions for local governments with high efficiency to build standardized database, and realize the open sharing, deep mining, and wide application of healthcare big data.

The Architecture of Effective Integration of Four-level Structure Platform

During the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the National Health Commission promotes the comprehensive “Internet + healthcare” nationwide, consisting national-, provincial-, prefectural- and county-level (four-level) population health information platforms. Meridian is on the Expert Committee of the National Health Commission-Healthcare Big Data Application Evaluation Standard Committee. Its solution is a demonstration project for the deployment of standards, which is more conducive to the improvement of provincial-, prefectural-, and county-level platforms, and the integration with the national-platform.

“Data Freeway” for Regional Interconnection and Service Coordination

Meridian deploys population healthcare big data platforms and application centers for provincial governments, rapidly removing data sharing barriers, unifying data collection, data integration, and service coordination.

Extension of High-quality Medical Resource and Enlargement of Technical Support

Meridian Genesis System of intelligent medicine provides solid and reliable technical support for the extension of high-quality medical resources. Combined with healthcare big data application, the system enables medical resources to “go down” , thus better supporting telemedicine, remote consultation, appointment services and patient referral.

Smart Tools for Disease Control, Prevention and Management

Meridian provides smart tools for disease control, prevention and management for local health authorities. When regional platform accumulates enough data and samples, huge data networks support epidemiological mapping and analysis, outlining the focus of disease control and prevention, and guiding evidence-based healthcare plans.