Meridian “Angel Robot” Intelligent Medicine Service System

Meridian deeply integrates big data and AI with medicine to develop the Meridian Angel Intelligent Medical Service System. By integrating our AI engines with smart intelligent edges, our unique “Angel Robot” system is the first field trial medical AI solution to empower primary care in China. Angel Robot system significantly enhances capacity and efficiency of primary care physicians (PCPs), and our field trial is appraised as a “smart case” by China's National Health Commission and the World Bank.

Features of Angel Robot

Improve PCPs Capacity

Diagnosis Support: Two AI-powered CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System), one based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the other on Western Medicine, assisting PCPs to provide care for common diseases and recognize emergent and complex conditions for timely triage.

Telemedicine: High-quality group video conference, connecting primary clinics with upper level hospitals.

Public Health: Better management and utilization of health records; precise chronic disease and health management; service record stored for better management.

Improve PCPs Efficiency

Integrated UI:
Interoperability with public health systems and other local IT sysytems, such as social health insurance system and referral system; integrated service interface.

Human-Machine Interaction:
Multiple modes of operation including voice access, facial recognition, and handwriting input. Establish, read, and access records easily.

Process Control:
Automatically set up follow-up schedules according to national and local guidelines. Push status notifications and alerts, and easy data management.

Functionality of “Angel Robot” Medical Service System

Health Records

Provide health risk assessment based on vital-sign monitoring and specific questionnaire results. Interoperability between Angel Robot, external health monitoring devices, APP and cloud platform to realize instant data collection, management and transfer.

Health Management (Assessment & Intervention)

Provide health assessment for users based on health big data analysis and medical AI engine deduction, and generate personalized intervention plan for diet, exercises, sleeping, monitoring and examinations.

Chronic Disease Management

Through AI engines for disease diagnosis, treatment and management, patients' chronic diseases are classified and graded. The patient's personalized evaluation and treatment plan and follow-up schedules are generated to help doctors to provide medical and non-drug treatment guidance for chronic patients as well as telehealth services and evaluation.


The CDSS of General Practice based on Western Medicine takes patient's chief complaint and symptoms to assist PCPs with the Diagnosis Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (symptom stratification, vital signs and palpation, differential diagnosis and complication examinations), resulting in a list of possible diseases with different weights assigned by the intelligent algorithm; provide guidance on further confirmation of diagnosis (e.g., laboratory tests) and treatment for each possible disease on the list; assist diagnosis and treatment for more than 730 diseases.
The CDSS of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes patient's chief complaint and symptoms to assist PCPs to identify the disease cause with the algorithm developed based on the syndrome differentiation and treatment principles of TCM; assist diagnosis and treatment for more than 200 diseases, and contain thousands of classical TCM recipes of treatment and dietary recommendations, acupuncture and pressure points guidance.
Tele-conference of Angel Robot supports remote consultation with specialists in upper level healthcare facilities in the network for coordinated care. Patients can be referred and appointment is set up through our referral system as well.

Real-Time Notifications

Provide real-time notifications of latest medical news and search for common diseases & treatments.

Deployment Architecture

Angel Robot Field Trial

In September 2017, Meridian launched the Angel Robot deployment in the county of Jingde, Anhui Province under the guidance of China's national and local health authorities to enable PCPs for better acute care, chronic care and telemedicine. This is the first field trial in China to empower primary care with AI.

  • Improve village doctors'/primary care physicians' service ability and income.
  • Convenient and beneficial to civilians.
  • Governance and monitoring; fee control.

Milestones of “Jingde Experiment”